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Dr. T. H. Ogunyebi

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The structure of Architecture Programme in BamideleOlumilua University of Education Science and Technology Ikere-Ekiti (BOESTI) is to create a learning environment that nurtures a sound moral and intellectual culture that attracts an excellent blend of faculty from across the world, and stir up latent creativity in students, in order to instill confidence in them to make their unique contributions to the practice of Architecture.

The programme is aimed at providing competent skilled and versatile architects capable of facing a broad spectrum of challenges of environmental design in Nigeria, in particular, and the global situation in general. To further this, the programme will exploit the rich culture and traditional architectural resources in the country and within its immediate environment. The programme has an in-built flexibility in the development of courses to allow for the changing needs of architectural education arising from changing social, economic, psychological and technological environment.


The core value of architecture programme at (BOESTI) hopes to attract talented youths to teach and inspire them to advance the realm of knowledge by cultivating their faculty of academic enquiry, creative scholarships, research discovery, and the application of new knowledge to the transformation of the individual. It also set to contribute to the grooming of rounded professionals whose overall development will have both local relevance and global applicability at the level commensurate with the award of the Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture (B. Sc. Arch.).


Architectural programme in BamideleOlumilua University of Education Science and Technology is set to develop and impart architectural education responsive to our environment and the needs of the people with a view to produce competent, creative, skilled and versatile individuals capable of analyzing the