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Dr. E. O. Dawodu


AIM: The primary aim of the Civil Engineering Department is to produce competent, creative, intellectually matured, ethical and socially responsible professional.

Objectives: The objectives of Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering are:

  1. To guide the students in the acquisition of the following:

    1. Knowledge and understanding of basic Engineering.

    2. Knowledge and understanding of the structure and operation of the various Engineering Conditions.

    3. Basic analytical and quantitative skills for developing pool of engineers who will be well equipped to do research, and be self-employed and generate employment opportunities for others.

  2. To expose students to the study of civil engineering; which seeks to explain human reactions to changes in society and environment.

  3. To enable students acquire a solid theoretical engineering background that is applicable and usable in interpreting real life problems and situations, especially in the Nigerian context.

  4. To train civil engineers required by the public and private sectors of the Nigerian society.

Civil Engineering

The programme of study is designed not only to meet the intellectual demands and techniques in the field of engineering, together with a broad knowledge of Pure and Applied Sciences but,...


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